When used as interior paneling, exterior siding, or roofing, Western Red Cedar provides a high degree of insulation that will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as well as provide an excellent natural sound barrier.  With its natural phenol preservatives, Western Red Cedar is an ideal choice for climates with high humidity and performs admirably in saunas or other high humidity areas, such as bathrooms.  

Because of the natural properties of Western Red Cedar, fasteners should be corrosion resistant.  We recommend using stainless steel, aluminum, or hot-dipped galvanized fasteners when installing Western Red Cedar lumber.

Western Red Cedar shingles and bevel siding clad this Pacific Northwest home
Freshly Cut. Old Growth Western Red Cedar Lumber

An excellent choice for decking; Western Red Cedar has strength, durability, and appearance no man-made products can match.  Its ability to be cut and sawn easily, as well as its capability to take nails, glues, and fasteners make installation a breeze.  These qualities, along with its natural preservatives and unparalleled beauty, make Western Red Cedar a great choice for lattice, trimfencing,  arbors, pergolas, gazebos, and other outdoor structures. 

The surfaces of finished Western Red Cedar decking, siding, timbers, fence, and trim boards exposed outdoors inevitably become dirty and can also be discolored by water spray, mold, and/or mildew. These natural elements will slowly erode the finish and require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure superior performance and aesthetics.  The degree of maintenance and cleaning will depend on local climatic conditions, exposure to rain, snow, wind, or sun, the type of finish used on the product, as well as end-use.

For tips on the care and maintenance of Western Red Cedar, please visit our Blog by clicking HERE. 

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Western red cedar sidewall shakes and cedar timbers

Western Red Cedar lumber is lightweight, easy to work with, and has a minimum tendency to shrink, twist, cup or check. It seasons easily and quickly and provides a superb base for stain or paint.

When properly finished and maintained, Western Red Cedar building materials will supply you with its splendor and beauty for many decades. Western Red Cedar is processed in many ways and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Grown in the Pacific Northwest, where Cedar Country Lumber is located, Western Red Cedar's natural resistance to moisture, decay, and insect damage makes it an ultimate choice for interior or exterior use.  

Known for its extremely fine, even grain and rich coloring; Western Red Cedar complements any architectural style. For a casual country look, a knotty grade can add warmth and charm, whereas clear grade cedar products add elegance and sophistication.  

​To learn more earn more about the grades of Western Red Cedar, please visit our blog by clicking HERE

High quality clear, vertical grain Western Red Cedar lines this wine room in a high end custom home in Medina, WA

​Western Red Cedar building materials owe their beauty, color, and durability, and resistance to decay and insects due to the presence of natural tannins.  These natural extractives may lead to discoloration on exposed surfaces.  Extractive discoloration may occur in spite of preventative steps that may be taken.  No warranty is provided on natural wood products including Western Red Cedar lumber, other domestic and exotic soft and hardwoods, or coatings against extractive discoloration, uneven absorption, exact color match, or for any other reason.​

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When we service our out-of-state clients, it is necessary to calculate freight into the cost of the job.  It is important to note, that any time Western Red Cedar is shipped to locations outside of the growing region, freight is calculated into the final cost of the product, whether you are purchasing it from the source or your local retailer.

In addition to Western Red Cedar, we provide high-quality Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Douglas Fir as well as other domestic and exotic hard and softwoods to a large number of customers outside the Pacific Northwest who know our quality and pricing, including freight, can beat anything they can source from their local lumber dealers.  

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