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Premium Forest Products at the best prices in Western Red Cedar, Alaska Yellow Cedar, Douglas Fir, and other exotic & domestic hard and softwoods and pass that savings on to you.

With shipments of cedar lumber, siding, shingles, shakes, timbers, as well as other specialty building materials leaving our warehouse daily to all over the US, our customers value the quality of our products and our honest business practices, combined with excellent customer service and superior product knowledge.

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Douglas Fir Building Materials

​As your cedar lumber and specialty building materials supplier, we also can provide many, many other types of exotic and domestic hard and softwoods for a wide variety of applications.

Western Red Cedar Building Materials
Western red cedar and alaskan yellow cedar building materials - Cedar Country Lumber

Misc wood


Your building materials supplier providing dimensional cedar lumber, exterior siding and cladding, shingles, shakes, timbers, beams and more including custom sawing and patterns.  Because we are located in the heart of Cedar Country, the only place in the world Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar are grown, we are able to offer superior quality Cedar building materials with exceptional pricing.  Whatever you are looking for, if we don't stock it, we can find a mill to custom make it for you.

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Misc Wood Building Materials
Alaskan Yellow Cedar Building Materials

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Cedar Country Lumber provides specialty building materials to customers nationwide

Western REd




​​​​​​Grown only in the Pacific Northwest, where Cedar Country Lumber is located, Western Red Cedar's natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage makes it a solid choice for interior or exterior use. 

Alaska Yellow




​​This rare and remarkably beautiful cedar is only grown in the Pacific coast region of North America.​ Alaska Yellow Cedar has straight and uniform grain and exceptional resistance to weather.  It is a highly prized cedar lumber.​

Fast growing and plentiful, Douglas Fir products are chosen for a wide variety of construction projects due to its superior weight to strength ratio and cost effectiveness.  

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