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950 B Fountain Street, Burlington, WA
Western Red Cedar details are used both inside and outside the home to bring continuity
knotty cedar ceiling detail over hot tub
clear vertical grain Western Red Cedar lines this custom wine cellar

Since Western Red Cedar is only grown in the Pacific Northwest, our products are sought out all over the US due to the quality, as well as pricing.  To give our customers a piece of mind, we are able to provide fire treatment to our Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir building materials, including Western Red Cedar shingles and shakes.  The fire treating process we use has passed strict fire and weathering tests and complies with all building codes.

This stunning custom home was recently completed in Malibu, California.  All the exterior Cedar cladding was fire treated prior to shipment.  Note how the interior Western Red Cedar matches the exterior, even though the exterior has been treated. The process leaves no residue or noticeable difference in color or texture of the Cedar.

Read more about this project and see completed photos by visiting the architect's website HERE


The modern architecture on this home combines natural cedar, concrete, glass and steel for a stunning exteior
California compliant fire treated Western Red Cedar Siding Supplier
Custom stained, clear vertical grain Western Red Cedar clads this modern home in Medina WA
Western Red Cedar with fire treatment protection to conform to California building codes
Knotty Western Red Cedar ceiling detail
Clear Western Red Cedar for interior use

Nestled in the foothills of the North Cascades near the little gem of a town Mazama, this rustic modern cabin holds all the amenities anyone would need along with the tranquility of wide open space. Recognized as one of the region’s leading, architecture, urban design and planning firms, Designs Northwest Architects, along with Impel Construction, brought this innovative concept to fruition.

We were pleased to have the opportunity to supply our Premium Forest Products; not only to be a part of such a interesting and unique project, but also because the owner is a personal friend. For more photos of this stunning project, please visit our BLOG

Photos by Lucas Henning

Knotty Western Red Cedar T&G ceiling warms this space
fire treated western red cedar building materails

This 6,000 square foot waterfront Medina residence is the definition of Northwest Modern architecture. The Western Red Cedar accents throughout the house, both interior and exterior, add warmth, texture and a rustic touch to this beautiful modern home. 

Photos by Swift Studios

Craftsmanship by RGN Construction of Seattle, WA

It is always a pleasure to talk with our clients, whether they are here in the Pacific Northwest or scattered across the US, to learn about each individual project and help them select the correct building materials.   As each package of specialty building materials is wrapped and getting ready for transport to the job site, we are proud to be a small part in someone's dream project.   Many times, that is the last we ever see of our products, however, from time to time we are fortunate to have pictures sent to us of materials on the job site, as well as after installation.   Be sure to check back often, as we like to post new project photos when they come in.

If we have been lucky enough to help you with a project and you would allow us to post your photos on our website and/or social media, please do not hesitate to contact us!  We will provide a credit and a link back to  your website!​

A mix of knotty Western Red Cedar and metal siding clad this rustic modern home in Eastern Washington