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extra long western red cedar timbers and beams
cedar timbers for outdoor structures

​​For more information on powder coated, decorative connectors to use with your outdoor timber project, please visit our blog by clicking HERE

Custom Cut Timbers are our specialty!  In these photos - the stunning 32' Western Red Cedar Beams starting in our yard, with the final product shown defining this amazing outdoor kitchen on Long Island, NY


With nearly every size and dimension available, Wood Timbers & Beams are a natural choice for exposed interior or exterior support beams, posts, arbors or other outdoor structures in Western Red and Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Doug Fir.  Call us today to find out how we can be your Premium Forest Products Building Materials Distributor

Clear Western Red Cedar Timbers and Beams
Custom Cut Cedar Timbers are our specialty!
cedar country lumber of burlington, wa

​​For more information on the grades of Western Red Cedar Timbers and Beams, please visit our blog by clicking HERE

photo, craftsmanship and design by Minnesota Pergolas 

Adjustable Ozco Powder Coated Bolts for Use with Cedar Outdoors
Large Western Red Cedar Entry Timbers
Wood timbers & beams - Cedar Country Lumber

Wood Timbers and Beams are normally supplied green (unseasoned) with a full, rough sawn appearance, our Western Red Cedar timbers are available in clear or knotty grades. Cedar timbers can be surfaced on all four sides (S4S) to produce a smooth, uniform appearance.  

Timbers and beams are also available in Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Doug Fir and Hemlock as well as other soft woods in a variety of sizes and dimensions for both interior and exterior use.  

Should you wish to have your timbers kiln dried to minimize splitting and checking and ready to accept a stain or paint, please allow extra time for processing.  

  • Species
  • Intended Use
  • Size and Quantity
  • Grade
  • Moisture Content

Bolts, lag screws, split rings and shear plates, as well as custom made hardware are commonly used in heavy timber structures where the joint's strength must be greater than that which could be achieved with nails. These types of connectors should be corrosion-resistant or suitably coated to prevent corrosion and staining. 


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